Wandering Minstrels is a steadily growing community choir that seeks to spread joy around geeky conventions by gathering together to sing the songs of our people. You know, like TV show theme songs and the song that bard sang in the background of one of the taverns in Whiterun.

History of the Wandering Minstrels

Back in 2005 Geekdom House founder Kyle Rudge and his wife had the opportunity to attend a pre-screening of Serenity. Despite being there several hours before the pre-screening (have to ensure you get the best seats), they noticed almost immediately that there were a lot of pockets of friend groups that had shown up. When everyone sat in the theatre, nothing much changed but a few people talked to those that they knew who sat next to them and life went on.

Until Kyle and Marilyn started to sing,

“Jayne… the man they calllllll Jayyyyynnnnnnne”

Immediately the entire theatre joined in. It was so loud that the staff of the theatre came in to find out what the ruckus was. There were no previews or even the trivia clips on the screen yet, and here were a few hundred people joining in together in song. After we turned that theatre into a crappy little town where Jayne was a folk hero, community formed. Everyone felt free to talk to others, people would stand and shout the start of a quote and the community would finish it, popcorn started to be shared across the aisle, it was pandemonium (but in a good way).

The lesson? Perhaps the songs of our people can bring us together in community. 9 years later, the Wandering Minstrels were born.

It began with just 7 singers and choir robes donated from a small town church in rural Manitoba (thanks Altona Bergthaler). It grew year after year and now sports over 30 members of volunteer singers who love to impact their community in a joyful manner through song.

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