Lead Staff

Kyle Rudge
Call Sign: Admiral
Birthplace: Hyrule
House: Targaryen

Kyle comes most alive when he is telling stories, whether in print or on stage. He is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. However, as a father now, it is all too common for him to fall asleep after episode one of said marathon sessions.
Allison Barron
General Manager / Executive Editor
Call Sign: Commander
Occupation: Wolf Tamer
House: Ravenclaw

Allison is like Galadriel, offering wisdom where needed but turning treacherous as the sea when competitive games are involved. She is the executive editor of Area of Effect magazine, co-host of the Infinity +1 podcast, and staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture. When she’s not writing, designing, or editing, she is often preoccupied in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away.

Area of Effect Writers

Dustin Asham
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Ginger Snap
Birthplace: Azeroth
Patronus: Otter

Dustin Asham is like HAL 9000; ruthless, emotionless, and the only song he knows is Daisy, Daisy. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Providence University College and splits his time between young adults ministry, his wife Cassie, and beating his friends at board games.
Kevin Cummings
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Gold Leader
Lightsaber Colour: Green
Favourite Food: Bantha Platter

Kevin has been the husband of one wife for more than thirty years and the dad of two sons for not quite that long. A geek from birth, he grew up with the original Star Trek and Star Wars and enjoys finding expressions of God’s love in the worlds of fandom.
Sheela Cox
Staff Writer
Call Sign: White Dragon
Magic Power: Cosplaying
Occupation: Dungeon Master

Sheela talks to horses, loves to dance, has long flowing hair and adores making fancy outfits for herself. She lives with a handsome young man in her cozy home filled with books and the smell of fresh-baked cookies. She might be a long-lost princess from a faraway kingdom who has forgotten who she is and she's the last hope for a peaceful future and also secretly has magical powers and a loyal unicorn who is searching the galaxy to find her and....well, it's a long story. (Photo by Don Nowicki)
Matt Civico
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Hungry Hobbit
Favourite Game: Calvinball
Pastime: High-quality turnip collecting

Matt is doing his best to prize food and cheer and song above hoarded gold; the price of books helps a lot. He lives next to “the hill” in Montreal where he teaches ESL and sometimes speaks French. He studied history and journalism and discovered only one allowed for second breakfasts, but the writing thing stuck. His bookshelves are full of board games, epic poetry, and Star Wars figurines.
Michael Boyce
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Paranoid Android
Love Language: Sarcasm
Superpower: Privilege

Michael teaches English Literature and Film Studies in Winnipeg. A huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stranger Things, iZombie, and The Lord of the Rings, Michael is a co-host of the All Who Wander podcast. He’s published on Hitchcock, Alec Guinness and James Bond. And he likes coffee. A lot.
Jen Schlameuss-Perry
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Mad Scientist
Occupation: Chocobo raiser
Role Model: Clayton Forrester

Jen is an opinionated, mouthy girl who can’t shut up. Since she is not allowed to talk all the time (and when she does, she mostly receives confused, gaping stares because she’s usually talking about superheroes, sci-fi or cartoons), writing is a good outlet. It’s especially good because if the gaping stares are happening, she can’t see them. Jen loves to write about geeky topics in light of her Catholic tradition. She currently works for a Catholic Church, practices martial arts and cares for her family and pets.
Dustin Schellenberg
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Maverick
Pet Peeve: Tower diving
House: Ravenclaw

Father of two and husband of one, Dustin has an Xbox gamer score over 80,000. He is a competent bass player and guitarist, mediocre mid laner and outright awful FPS player. Never one to shy away from a good discussion, he tries to keep an open mind and a compassionate voice while proving you wrong. He is a sometimes theologian and all times pastor of Crestview Park Free Methodist church in Winnipeg, MB.
Charles Sadnick
Staff Writer
Call Sign: State Alchemist
Superpower: Fire
Hero: Studio Ghibli

A nerd from the first time he heard Han Solo reply, “I know,” Charles spends too much time streaming anime, reading A Song of Ice and Fire, and perusing fan art. Still, he’s devoted to his wife and children, and loves to combine his passion for anime and insights about media with his desire to minister, which he does via his local Korean-American church and through digital means. And yes, he still believes The Phantom Menace was an amazing film.
Kyla Neufeld
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Elven Scribe
Gondolin House: Thlim Losglóriol, Golden Flower
Patronus: Swan

Kyla first read The Lord of the Rings when she was thirteen, and has been studying Tolkien’s works ever since (even going so far as to teach herself Elvish). Studying Tolkien led her to read other sci-fi/ fantasy novels like The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix and The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey, and fed her love of mythology (especially Norse). Kyla is a poet, writer, and editor living in Winnipeg. She has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Winnipeg and currently works as the Managing Editor of Geez magazine.
Casey Covel
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Keyblade Master
Role Model: Elrond
Familiar: Corgi

An INTJ, PK, and self-proclaimed connoisseur of chocolate, tea, and sushi, Casey gains her EXP by freelancing, cosplaying, gaming, (over)philosophizing, squinting at strange words, and watching corgi videos on YouTube.
Victoria Grace Howell
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Mockingjay
Trinket: Magic pen
House: Ravenclaw

Victoria Grace Howell is an award-winning writer of speculative fiction and an editor for Geeks Under Grace. When not typing away at her novels, she enjoys drawing her characters, blogging, Kung Fu, cosplaying, and a really good hot cup of tea.
Alex Mellen
Staff Writer
Call Sign: Science Officer:
Superpower: Editing
House: Gryffindor

Alex Mellen likes a little bit of everything, including movies, books, sports, music, crafts, and especially Star Wars. She works as a copyeditor for a small-town newspaper while freelance writing and editing on the side.

Audio & Visual Artists

Jason Dueck
Call Sign: Lieutenant
Charisma Score: 20
Affiliation: Citadel Council Spectre

Jason has been a nerd since before his hands were big enough to properly hold an N64 controller. Raised on a hearty diet of Star Wars, Pokémon, and Harry Potter, he hasn’t met a short magical creature he doesn’t like. From Captain Kirk to Commander Shepard, his love for science fiction extends to the final frontier. Jason is a graduate from communications at Red River College in Winnipeg.


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