"The Force Awakens - Trooper" | Art by JoeHoganArt. Used with permission.
By: Area of Effect Staff | Humour | February 27, 2015

hat names did George Lucas toss around before coming to the final decision? We dug through a few trash compactors and found these.

1. The Centennial Pigeon
“Can make the Kestrel Run in less than twelve hundred parsecs.”

2. Luke Moonwalker
“The name’s Moonwalker. Luke Moonwalker.”

3. Kleenex Hunter
That’s before the deal with Bounty came through.

4. Episode VI: “The Fault in our Death Star”
Imperial Officer: We count 30 Rebel ships, Lord Vader, but they’re so small they’re avoiding our turbo lasers!
Darth Vader: This time, close the exhaust ports.

5. Death Moon
“That’s no moon. Oh, wait…”

6. Princess Freya
Think of the cross-overs!

7. Admiral KlondikeBar
“I would do anything for you, admiral.”

8. Darth Paul
A Sith apprentice who is blinded, sees the error of his ways, and becomes a great Jedi master. Apparently the story has been done before.

9. Lumpawaroo a.k.a. Lumpy
Oh… that did make it past the drawing board.

10. Padme Armadillo
“I will protect the republic!”

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We think it\'s Gaius Baltar in Rivendell with the Master Sword.