"Project: Sephiroth" | Art by ChasingArtwork. Used with permission.
By: Area of Effect Staff | Geekery | May 1, 2015

n honour of music month, one of our guest writers (who is also a musician, you may notice) elected to write us a song. Saddle up your Chocobos, strap in the Onion Kids, and Locke and load, my friends. From the Cloud comes the Lightning and takes us out of Winnipeg Snow and right to the Edge, mister Mark Barron.

“No fancy production here; this is all just live in front of my webcam, except the two obvious parts where there are overhanging chords and different effects. The downside is that after the two takes, I realized I had cut off some of my left hand, which I’m thankful to say is much less painful than it sounds.”

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We think it\'s Gaius Baltar in Rivendell with the Master Sword.