By: Kyle Rudge | Creative | April 3, 2015

strong>DM: Your adventure begins at the local tavern. Lots of trials and executions were going on in the kingdom this time of year so it was quite full. Each of you got relegated to a side room.

The room was an awkward size, about 20 feet by 10 feet, and held only a single wooden table. Chairs were scattered about the table, 13 in total, and strangely only lined up on one side of the table.

You all take your seats and await a drink and a meal when one well-spoken man, who sat in the middle of everyone, stands to talk. He’s familiar to everyone. “I have eagerly desired to eat this symbolic meal with you before I suffer,” he says.

Jude: I want to slip some poison into his wine glass.

Jim: What!? Seriously!? We’re just getting started and you’re already trying to sabotage the whole thing?

Jude: I love playing chaotic neutral.

DM: Sneak check.

[DICE] 18

DM: Success.

Jude: Dance puppets, dance.

DM: He took the bread, gave thanks, and broke it. He passed the bread around to be shared. “Take this my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” He shares the bread and then picks up the wine.

Jude: Uh oh.

DM: “This is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you,” he says. He gives thanks for the wine and passes it around. Inspired by his speech you all take a sip; everyone make a Con check.

Jim: 14

Jimmy: 12

Jon: Natural 20, BAM. Don’t mess with me.

Drew: 19, I’m no Jon but I’ll take it.

Tom: 13, I think.

Sam: 18


Bart: 16 plus 2, noble blood baby!

Mack: 11

Phil: 8, GAH. I better not be the first to die.

Pete: Phil you suck! Good luck buddy. [ROLL] 1 *silence*


Jude: I know it’s poisoned, can I just pretend?

M: Yes.

Jude: I let it touch my lips but don’t ingest anything. I wipe my mouth quickly after.

DM: [rolls some dice and grins] The poison has no effect.

Jude: WHAT!? I slam my hand down on the table.


DM: He continues, “The hand of him who is going to betray me is with me on the table…”

Everyone: Juuuuu-daaaas

Jude: No way, not me. Last time. I swear.

Pete: I can’t wait to just gut you with my sword, Jude.

Jude: I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. I am going to flash a wry grin at Peter, I’ll mouth the words, ‘arrogant jerk’ silently at him.

Theo: I put my hand on Peter’s shoulder, pulling him gently back while stepping forward and declaring, “I will be at your right hand.”

Mack: Speaking of arrogance.

Bart: Prithee good Lord, take me on thine adventure!

Phil: Oh shut it, Bartholomew.

Sam: I would leave all these brigands behind. I am the best one to take along with you.

DM: Jesus just shakes his head, “Simon Simon Simon..” He stops and looks at Peter.

Pete: Uh oh.

DM: “Peter,” he says, “Before the rooster crows, you’ll deny me three times.”

Pete: Right. Sure. Whatever. Fine. Pick on the paladin.

DM: Jesus continues, “Okay is everyone armed?”

Pete: I AM!

Everyone else: Nope.

Jon: I make two fists and ask, “Do these count?”

DM: “No. Sell that cloak of yours and get a sword.”

Jon: “Barty! Go sell my cloak, you’ll get a better price I’m sure.” I toss my cloak at Bartholomew.

DM: You guys ready? How many of you are actually armed?

Everyone: “Two!”

DM: Seriously? That’s all you got!? What did you spend your coin on?

Drew: I bought a cloak.

DM: ARGH! Fine then… “That’s enough!”

Kyle Rudge
Kyle comes most alive when he is telling stories, whether in print or on stage. He is an avid web developer and programmer with a strong tendency to be distracted by marathon watching various television shows. However, as a father now, it is all too common for him to fall asleep after episode one of said marathon sessions.